Business Policies

Is policy of AARONITE ITALIA S.R.L. :

conduct their activities in a way that safeguards the safety of their employees, third parties involved in its operations, customers and the public. The Company will continue to make every effort to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational diseases through the active participation of every employee. The Company is committed to making continuous efforts to identify and eliminate or control the risk situations associated with its activities.

Therefore, it is the Society’s policy:

  • Conduct regular maintenance of equipment, adopt management systems, provide training and conduct operations to safeguard people and property;
  • cope with speed, effectiveness and diligence in emergencies or accidents that may occur during its operations;
  • respect all applicable laws and regulations and, where laws and regulations do not exist, adhere to identified standards with a sense of responsibility;
  • widen knowledge of the effects of security, of its operations, promptly applying meaningful results, and making the employees, contractors, and anyone else involved in the right way, aware of them.
  • to maximize the awareness of its employees, contractors and third parties acting on behalf of the Company, their role and responsibility in the field of occupational safety and encourage safe behavior outside the working environment;
  • carry out appropriate examinations and evaluations of their own steps to quantify the progress made and ensure compliance with this policy.


Is policy of AARONITE ITALIA S.R.L. :
identifying and managing the risks associated with the handling, handling and application of the products used in its activities, through appropriate procedures and practices, ensuring an adequate level of safety for people and the environment; indicate specifically the precautions to be taken in handling, transporting, using and disposing of the products used according to the safety sheets provided by the manufacturers and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and undertaking reasonable communication actions towards customers and others who may be exposed; respect applicable laws and regulations and, where laws and regulations do not exist, comply with recognized standards of responsibility; to evaluate the potentially unfavorable effects on health, safety and the environment as priorities in choosing the products to be used; carry out appropriate examinations and evaluations of its operations to quantify the progress made and ensure compliance with this policy.


Is policy of AARONITE ITALIA S.R.L. :

conduct their activities in a manner compatible with the environmental and economic needs of the communities in which they operate. In addition, it is the Company’s policy to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and, where laws and regulations do not exist, comply with accountable standards. The Company undertakes, in all its activities, to make continuous efforts to improve its results in the field of environmental protection. The Society encourages attention and respect for the environment; emphasizes the responsibility of each employee in terms of environmental performance and ensures that appropriate operational practices and personnel training programs are implemented.

Therefore, it is the Society’s policy:

  • manage their activities with the aim of preventing accidents and checking that emissions and waste are below the levels of nuisance;
  • Facing, quickly and effectively, accidents that could occur during its operations;
  • to deepen the understanding of the effects of its operations on the environment, to improve its protection techniques and to further increase its ability to make its operations compatible with the environment;
  • make appropriate examinations and evaluations of your operations to quantify progress and ensure compliance with this policy.


Is policy of AARONITE ITALIA S.R.L. :
engage in creating and maintaining a safe, healthy and productive work environment for all its employees. The Company recognizes that the abuse or misuse of alcohol, drugs and other similar substances by employees is adversely affecting their duty of efficient work performance and may have serious harmful consequences for themselves, on the security, efficiency and productivity of other employees and the Company. The use, possession, distribution or sale of alcohol and illicit drugs, or subject to control and not prescribed by the physician, in the offices and work sites of the Company, is strictly prohibited and constitutes a reason for adequate disciplinary action up to on dismissal. Those who consider themselves to be addicted to the aforementioned substances are encouraged to seek medical advice and follow appropriate therapeutic treatment without delay and before their condition may adversely affect their work ability and endanger their own innocence, colleagues work or third parties, as well as plant safety. The Society recognizes the dependence on alcohol and drugs as a curable condition. Except as provided for in the following paragraph, where the state of subjection of the employee to alcohol or narcotics is such that, while not causing an incapacity to work, however, constitutes a danger, in the performance of particular tasks which are the subject of the benefit due, to that of work colleagues or third parties or to the safety of the facilities, the Company also exercises the legal obligation to provide safety in the workplace, reserves the right to change such duties within the limits prescribed by law. The employee’s ineligibility for work-related work performed in the form of law and descending from the state of dependence on alcoholic or narcotic drinks, even after medical treatment, may result in the termination of the employment relationship for a justified reason. Intake of alcohol, drugs or similar substances is prohibited during work. It is also recommended that, consistently, employees avoid recruitment even outside the working period, if the consequent effects may persist in later employment. The Company reserves the right to control, without notice, the existence of work, drugs and alcohol in its offices, warehouses and workshops, and arranges for the removal of personnel who are in situations that constitute a risk as indicated above with the resulting in disciplinary action.


The basic principle underpinning the quality policy is:

“The highest customer satisfaction with respect to its explicit and implicit expectations and needs, achieved through strict observance of product storage and preservation procedures, application procedures and installation of fire proofing systems, insulating systems and anticorrosive products offered” through the systematic implementation of a Quality Management System complying with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. AARONITE ITALIA has decided to have a Quality Management System in order to identify and meet the needs of its customers so that they can be translated into proposals and technical solutions and services that are increasingly meeting their expectations in compliance with the technical regulations and law on passive fire protection and to gain competitive advantages and achieve, maintain and improve organizational performance and capabilities in terms of efficiency and efficiency. This Quality Policy was born as a commitment of the Management, through the work of the whole organization in general, to the respect of the requirements specified by UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, the technical and legal regulations in force for fire protection passive as well as the indication of the manufacturers of fireproofing systems of which we are patented applicators. Through the work of the Quality Manager, the Management undertakes to ensure that this Policy is understood, shared, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization. This document has been disseminated at all levels of the organization through training sessions and exhibitions within the premises to ensure their understanding by all staff. Based on the general principles outlined below, measurable goals are defined that are monitored at the annual reviews by the Management, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.


  • Pay close attention to identify and meet customer needs
  • Continuously improve the quality of your management and the services you offer in order to achieve the Quality Policy and generate positive, even economic, results.
  • Ensure the availability of professional skills tailored to the needs of the customer
  • Continually improving the image on the market
  • Ensure a steady effort of valorization, motivation and professional growth of human resources
  • Observe the requirements of the Quality Management System and ensure its continuous and effective improvement
  • Review the Quality Policy continuously, making sure that all staff understands the content and is committed to respecting them


The use of PPE as well as your interest in protecting your health is made mandatory by various laws including 626/94, superseded by the Universal Safety Act 81/2008.

The type of PPE to use is indicated in the company’s DVR (Risk Assessment Document) for the individual tasks to be performed.

The DVR is integrated with that of the customer at whose facilities (refineries, stores, workshops) we perform our activities.

The Aaronite Italia S.r.l. provides you with the PPE, instructs you on their correct use, constantly eavesdrops that you use them and adhere to security precautions. If you do not feel secure about security, endanger yourself, your work colleagues, and light up the company you work for, making it harder to find work at your clients and thus generate income that also serves guarantee your salary every month.

Law 300/1970 empowers your employer to recall you in various ways, to impose disciplinary sanctions, and Law 81/2008 also gives you the power to dismiss yourself if you repeatedly do not comply with the safety requirements.

Therefore, whenever you find yourself out of work and do not use the PPE  you will be:

  • immediately summoned by the Shipowner or the Security Officer or Customer himself;
  • within 10 days the verbal appeal will be formalized by the office in writing with a letter of recall,
  • If from the 5th and 20th of the notice of the call letter we do not receive your justifications for the incident, you will have a day off from unpaid work or a fine that will be deducted from your paycheck.
  • if you have more written remarks, the employer may, according to the applicable law, also decide to release you to safeguard your life, your colleagues’ lives and the good name and seriousness of the company.